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  • Research suggests type 1 diabetes could begin in the womb 8th October 2020
    The immune attack which kick starts the development of type 1 diabetes might start before a child has been born, researchers have said. The study, funded by Diabetes UK, also found that it is possible for babies aged six months and young, can also develop the autoimmune condition. Until recently, it was thought that children […]
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  • 5 Years of Chronic Illness 5th January 2021
    By Brittany V. Life before type 1 diabetes seems like a dream. A dream where my son ran freely without devices on his body. A dream where I could sleep soundly without the fear of losing him. A dream where his body is not scarred from needles. A dream without high and low alarms. A... […]
  • College and Type 1 Diabetes 14th September 2020
    By Paige Lindbloom Going to college can be one of the highlights of a person’s life. College is a time to reinvent yourself, explore independence, and learn lessons that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. There are so many thoughts going through your brain on that day of move in:... […]
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  • The Rule of 10 Percent 22nd January 2021
    A few days before I was planning on ending my pump break, I pulled my pump out and reviewed my basal profiles. I have, I guess you could call it, a ‘base’ set of basal rates. These are the tried and tested rates that I know work for me most of the time, given that […]
  • Festive Pump Break. 19th January 2021
    I never imagined that I’d be spending the festive season detached from my insulin pump, but that’s just how badly I needed this break. I was fatigued from insulin pumping, both physically and mentally. I was tired of having that pump attached to me, rolling out of my pocket in bed, slipping down from where […]