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  • Diabetes.co.uk’s Facebook page celebrates 10 year anniversary 17th May 2019
    On the 19th May Diabetes.co.uk’s Facebook page will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Our Facebook page is a place for everyone to find support, share experiences and ask questions. The page is run by our social media team who communicate directly with members, share content with the wider audience and keep up to date with […]
  • Actress Viola Davis opens up about prediabetes diagnosis 3rd May 2019
    Academy-award winning actress Viola Davis has recently opened up about her diagnosis of prediabetes. Davis, the star of films such as “The Help” and “Widows” and shows including ‘”How to Get Away with Murder”, was diagnosed with prediabetes in 2016. Thankfully, a diagnosis of prediabetes does not mean that a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes […]
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  • Switching to Afrezza Inhaled Insulin: Tips from a Diabetes Educator 20th May 2019
    This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission.By Peter Rentzepis Read expert advice for switching from injected to inhaled mealtime insulin. Learn how to dose during and after meals, who might benefit most from switching, and how to reduce cough if you have one Diabetes educator and clinical researcher Mark Harmel recently spoke with diaTribe and […]
  • Practicing Gratitude with Type 1 Diabetes 19th May 2019
    This content originally appeared on Type 1 Writes. Republished with permission.Today marks nine years of living with type 1 diabetes. I might only be a dia-baby in the eyes of many of you, but to me, nine years is pretty significant. It represents the majority of my adult life. As it becomes harder and harder […]
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  • Survey reveals people with diabetes struggle to access mental health support 15th May 2019
    Three quarters of people with diabetes who need mental health support are unable to access it, according to a Diabetes UK survey. The results of the poll, released to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, also revealed seven out of ten people felt overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes. The survey of more than […]
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  • I Thought It Was The Flu 20th May 2019
    Written By:  Sarah Deatherage   Day of Diagnoses McKenna had missed a week of school and was not feeling well. I thought it was the severe flu. At 8am that morning, I took her with me to a parent teacher conference. During the meeting, the teacher pulled me aside and said “Sarah, I think something... […]
  • Reba McEntire to Perform at The Carousel Ball on October 19th 1st May 2019
      (Denver, Colorado — May 1, 2019) Country legend, Reba McEntire, will be the featured performer of The Carousel Ball in Denver on October 19, 2019. The multi-media entertainment mogul has built a successful career that spans music, television, film, theater, and retail, and she is now lending her voice to raise funds for patient... […]
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  • Diabetes on an Assembly Line 17th May 2019
    Direct material, direct labour, manufacturing overhead. Direct material, direct labour, manufacturing overhead. Direct material, direct labour, manufacturing overhead. If you’re not a member of the #AccountantsOfTheDOC club, the aforementioned statements are the sum of total manufacturing costs incurred by an entity that’s in the business of producing and selling products. These words have been drummed […]
  • The First Three Years on an Insulin Pump. 16th May 2019
    Today marks three years since I first began using an insulin pump. I can still remember just how excited I was for that initial clinic appointment. I had the feeling of somewhat ‘joining the fold’ with so many other pump users in the DOC. I also knew that I had so much riding on this, […]
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