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  • 5 top travel tips to stay on top of diabetes 23rd July 2019
    There’s nothing quite like the excitement of looking forward to a holiday. Whether you’re set to travel abroad or domestically, the build-up can often seem in slow motion as you wait for the big day. But as you wait for the big day it’s important to get yourself prepared. People with diabetes have more to […]
  • 6 healthy activities to entertain the whole family during the summer holidays 22nd July 2019
    Parents, this is the week. The kids are breaking up for the summer holidays. You’ve been preparing for this for months, it’s fine. You knew it was going to happen and you’ve got all sorts of activities lined up to keep them entertained. Right? If the answer to this question is ‘no’, then read on. […]
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  • Best Low-Carb Chocolate Cake 23rd July 2019
    This content originally appeared on Low Carb Yum. Republished with permission.The best low-carb chocolate cake recipe ever! Shredded zucchini makes it moist and is well-hidden. The kids will never know you are sneaking in a vegetable. This recipe will produce two 9-inch rounds, a 9×13-inch sheet, or about 24 cupcakes. That’s the same as a regular […]
  • Dexcom Suggestion Box 23rd July 2019
    This content originally appeared on Arden's Day and the Juicebox Podcast. Republished with permission.Jake Leach is Dexcom’s Chief Technology Officer and on this podcast, he is hoping to receive your feedback, talk about Dexcom G6 enhancements and spill the beans about how Apple Watch will soon be helping you with your type 1 diabetes. Check […]
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  • Diabetes UK announces 20 new Clinical Champions 16th July 2019
    The names of Diabetes UK’s latest cohort of Clinical Champions have been unveiled. The charity has appointed 20 new healthcare professionals, including consultants, nurses, GPs, dietitians, podiatrists, pharmacists and psychologists to the programme, which promote local leadership to help address variation in care. The newest intake of Champions have been selected based on their skills, clinical expertise and a demonstrable […]
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  • Of Course I Can! 30th May 2019
    By Brittany Volden My son, Gavin Volden, has a larger than life personality. He can make anyone smile and turn a bad day into a great day. Gavin loves riding his dirt bike, playing baseball, horseback riding, hiking, and swimming. Gavin is a wonderful kid, a type-one-der-ful kid to be exact! Gavin has been living... […]
  • I Thought It Was The Flu 20th May 2019
    By Sarah Deatherage Day of Diagnoses McKenna had missed a week of school and was not feeling well. I thought it was a severe flu. At 8am that morning, I took her with me to a parent teacher conference. During the meeting, the teacher pulled me aside and said “Sarah, I think something is wrong... […]
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  • The Fifth ‘T’ 18th July 2019
    Earlier this week, I was finally able to put a face to someone whom I’d only ever known through the DOC. This person was probably one of the very first people I’d connected with when I first started writing here on my blog a few years ago. Despite living in the same city and perhaps […]
  • The First ‘T’ 15th July 2019
    Happy National Diabetes Week! If you haven’t already seen the flurry of posts circulating on social media, Diabetes Australia are running a third iteration of their ‘It’s About Time’ campaign, calling on earlier detection of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. For type 1 diabetes, the focus is on the first ‘T’ that we […]
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