Be the Pancreas

Just when you think you have T1D under control, the goalposts change. No sooner after I think to myself, we are managing the diagnosis well, that my daughters’ levels are continuously high and I am left asking myself, ‘what am I doing wrong?’

Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast. Managing Type 1, we have so much technology and support at our disposal however, the body is so finely tuned, I can only stop and wonder how it keeps such tight control, continuously and subconsciously.

Well, T1D won’t beat me. Not today or any other day. I am not only my T1D’s daughters biggest advocate but also my youngest daughters biggest advocate. T1D won’t get me down and I will not let it win. I am going to ‘be the pancreas’. I am going to stop and remember all the information and advice I have received over the past 37 weeks. I have got this. Stay tuned!


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