Australia’s National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) was established in 1987 and is an initiative of the Australian Government administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia.

The NDSS aims to enhance the capacity of people with diabetes to understand and self-manage their condition. Diabetes Australia also seeks to support people with diabetes by providing timely, reliable and affordable access to NDSS services.

Registration with NDSS is free and open to all Australians who are diagnosed with diabetes.

You are able to register if you:

  • Live in Australia or are visiting from a country where Australia has reciprocal health care agreements on an applicable visa.
  • Have been diagnosed with diabetes by a doctor, endocrinologist or credentialled diabetes educator and;
  • Hold (or are eligible to hold) a Medicare or Department of Veterans’ Affairs card.

Membership Benefits

There is a difference between registering with NDSS and registering with your State diabetes assocation.

Registering with the NDSS enables access to a range of Government approved diabetes-related products including:

  • subsidised testing strips for checking blood glucose levels
  • free insulin syringes and pen-needles
  • subsidised insulin pump consumables (IPCs)
  • information services on managing life with diabetes.

Membership benefits include:

  • preferred access and discounts for diabetes products and services
  • discounts on publications, travel, health insurance and footwear, amongst others.
  • sales and advice on blood glucose meters
  • quarterly national and local magazines covering diabetes management, research and lifestyle issues
  • information and advice about healthy eating and physical activity
  • members-only web pages*
  • local community support groups*
  • some discounts from other suppliers*.

*only available in certain states

Membership Costs

This varies from State to State, so it is important to make contact and query this information.











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