Welcome Home

The term Type 1 Diabetes was not often mentioned in conversations leading up to October last year. I thought I knew what T1D was but I now realise, I had no idea.

After my daughter was diagnosed, I tried desperately to find information relating to the condition. I searched so many websites and when I did find something of interest or a snippet of something that may help, unless I kept the tab open or copied the link, the information was never to be found again.

This seemed absurd to me. Something had to change.

Hence, the reason behind the T1D Hub. We need a place that Type 1’s can call home. We need a place where information is held and sourced daily by those that need it. We need a platform for those who have stories, a site for the medical fraternity to advise and a website for policy makers to see the change they can create.

I am so optimistic and so incredibly passionate about this cause. We can do this, we can make this change. Welcome home everyone!


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