Happiness and Hormones

On the outset, it would seem T1D is easy to manage. It is almost an algorithm. Carbs to insulin ratio, right? Most of the time, this is true. What becomes tricky however is managing the invisible might of hormones.

These chemicals that travel silently through the body coordinating complex processes such as growth, metabolism and emotions. It is hard to counter-act these because at any given moment, they can strike! We try to manage with a primitive form of dosage and most of the time it works out okay, sometimes it doesn’t. So, we try again.

For me, I try to take a day as a day. I try not to think too far ahead, for my family’s sake and mine. Focussing on a number proved stressful for me and put additional pressure on my daughter, that quite frankly, she didn’t need. Time in range is what we now focus on and it is making the job of management that little bit easier. For all of us.

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