Be Curious

Living in this new found world of Type 1 Diabetes is fascinating. We have learnt so much in relation to our daughters condition that we are feeling more comfortable to talk about the diagnosis and what this means for Anna and our family.

I am learning that this condition requires us to be curious. Curious about the how and now, curious about the future and curious about how we as a T1D community can be brought together.

People living with Type 1 and their families need support. When I say support, what I mean is education on effective management not just carb counting and complications.

Education that commences at diagnosis to treat and teach and hopefully establish effective routines from the ‘get go’. We need support from schools and teachers. We need them to understand the effort and detail that goes into daily management. We need them to understand what having Type 1 Diabetes at school involves for a child and that these children need support to enable them to be the best they can be.

We need employers to understand that those diagnosed and those that care for the diagnosed, are affected in ways that cannot be seen.

We need support to be able to access technology that has been designed to improve the lives of those living with Type 1. We need the support of experts and the medical fraternity to allow people to access information that can assist in effective management.

We need the support of Government to be able to bring people, ideas and funding to ‘grass roots’ areas that will have an immediate impact.

Our lives may have changed direction after our daughters Type 1 diagnosis, however we are incredibly optimistic about the future. I am determined to promote awareness of this condition and with your help, we can achieve great things for the Type 1 community. Let’s be curious, let’s ask and let’s work together.



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