Holding hands with the intangible

Each day my family lives with Type 1 Diabetes, is a day where I realise that it is a partnership with the intangible. So much of what we have learnt isn’t written in a book or taught by our medical team.

Many of the decisions we make in relation to managing my daughters’ condition is instinctive, we just know. Sometimes it is a feeling we have or it could be that we are drawing from information we have learnt and tweaking it a little.  Now would be a good time though to clarify that we have gotten to this point by soaking up information and creating a support team made up of clinicians, peers, family and friends – this scaffolding is essential to filling the gaps, and with T1D,  there are many gaps and many variables.

I have learnt that managing this diagnosis requires us to be proactive, not reactive. Reactive for us means we will always be on the back foot and chasing the numbers. Proactive gives us time to think, to assess and determine what our next move will be. Almost like a game of chess. Some days there will be many moves and some days, we don’t move at all.

Each person living with Type 1 will find their ‘space’ and it is important not to look at others and compare. It is important however to look at others and learn. The Type 1 community are vast and varied and I love that we are all so different but share a commonality.

So, what is your take home from this?

Be courageous. Partner with an empowering medical team, ask questions, learn, read, meet with peers and share your knowledge with others. Type 1 Diabetes can be managed well – you just need the right team behind you.



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