7 Weeks Post Pump

My daughter has been using a pump for almost 7 weeks. We were advised in no uncertain terms at the information session that it would be an intense four weeks and that full commitment was required. We nodded our heads in agreement and thought, we can do this. How hard can it be given what we have already been through? We battened down the hatches, cancelled everything in our schedule that was not important and prepared for the worst. We were not disappointed. For two weeks, there were daily detailed BGL’s performed in the morning, recess, lunch, afternoon, evening, midnight and 3am. We became a very tired household which barely kept together at the seams. It felt as though we were operating on a level which wasn’t sustainable for too much longer.

There was a time after the 8th or 9th night of midnight and 3am’s, that I lay in bed after the alarm sounded and I thought to myself, one night won’t hurt… an enticing thought when you are very tired however I did not want to be in a situation where I didn’t give this this process my all. I didn’t want to ever wonder, did we give it 100%?

Despite it being a very tough few weeks, I am so glad that we followed the steps outlined by our clinic and educators. This gave us completely accurate data which really was amazing to see at the end of each day. It gave us a greater understanding of how my daughters’ body reacts to certain foods, timing and amounts of insulin. This is vital information to be able to manage T1D effectively.

Five days after we were ‘riding solo’ on the pump, we flew out on a family holiday. After non stop, full speed ahead on the T1D freeway for almost 12 months, we really needed to breathe and this is just what we did. Having time away from our day to day life enabled us to talk about things other than insulin amounts, levels and carbohydrates.

Instead, we talked about what we would do the following day, where would we have dinner and which movie should we watch as a family. Sure, there were set changes every 2 days and the CGM every 7, however this was done with light conversation, quick movements and accuracy. We wanted to continue on our holiday.

Now, we are home and Anna is still loving her pump. Her levels are more stable (if that is even possible) and she is spending more time in range. She has performed her first solo set change and I could not be more proud of her and our family.

I am not sure whether it is the commencement of the pump or our time away but there has definitely been a shift in our mindset. Before, T1D was always front of mind now it’s as though the ‘back seat driver’ is no longer there.  At the moment, we are in control of this show and T1D is just along for the ride.

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