Changing the Rules

We are entering day 4 of our daughters’ transition to an insulin pump from MDI. It would be remiss of me not to let you know that although Anna wears a CGM, we are required to do midnight and 3am finger pricking for the first 2 weeks to ensure that the data we are collecting is accurate. This is on top of the breakfast, recess, lunchtime, afternoon tea and dinner time BGL’s. We are a little tired in our house however we are investing 110% in the process – we are leaving nothing to chance and giving this our full attention. After all, that is the commitment Anna gives to her Type 1 every day, so as her parents, we shouldn’t offer anything less.

For us, the change in our daughters levels were almost immediate. She was staying within her designated range and it was quite extraordinary. Sure, it is early days and there have been times during these 96 hours that they haven’t been in range but all in all, a good result.  I must admit that I had doubts about the pump and its effectiveness. I had read the literature and studies surrounding the affects a pump could have on an A1c and thought it was a good idea as well as her best chance of minimising any long term complications. Now, I am convinced a pump is the best thing for our daughter to manage her T1D.

Type 1 is a serious chronic condition that up until 4 days ago, we tried our best to work with. We were a subordinate. We used the CGM as best we could, we read as much as our brains could process and we sought advice but at the end of the day, we just couldn’t get a tight grip our daughters’ ‘time in range’. The human body is so finely tuned and is affected by environmental factors, many of which may seem small but unknowingly, are significant. Not to mention, the body of a child is constantly changing and growing so it was almost like, what hope did we have?

However, having access to a pump is being in the minority. Unfortunately and astoundingly, not all people have access to health funds that cover the cost of a pump. There are also so many people that do not have access to CGM technology. If only the powers that be could understand that Type 1 can be managed. At present, we can’t ‘fix’ T1D but we can most definitely change the rules.

Perhaps this is the right time, for the right people to hear the right message.

Education, support and empowerment are critical in managing this diagnosis. Perhaps a new movement is required? #ChangingtherulesofT1D




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