730 Days

Tomorrow it will be 730 days that we have been managing to keep our daughter alive with insulin.

It seems almost yesterday that we were sent to emergency – trying to manage my daughters fears on the drive there and hoping my younger daughter didn’t pick up on my terrifying uncertainty of what was going to happen.

As a parent to a child with T1D, I have found that life with Type 1 can be just like everyone else’s. Yes, there are additional decisions to make, changes to routine and doing things differently to what we were used to doing. Guesses, educated guesses and almost algebraic calculations have managed to get us through. There are ups and there are definitely downs – we have had to learn so much but it feels like now, we are finding our groove with it all.

My daughter, Anna, is extraordinary. She wears her pump and CGM with pride, almost as medallions for what she has had to endure and she deserves those medals. As does my husband and younger daughter, Ellie. They are unfaltering in their support of Anna and Anna is unfaltering in her support of us. Understanding and managing Anna’s diagnosis has not been easy – we have had to pull together and work as a team and I am so proud of what my family has achieved.

Anna wants to celebrate her second anniversary with a chocolate mud cake. In my mind I thought, is she serious? Does she understand what this will do to her levels? How can she suggest that? Then I thought about the primary goal when Anna was diagnosed – my husband and I want Anna to live a ‘normal’ life, just like every other child who doesn’t have T1D. For as long as Anna needs our support, this will always be our primary goal.

730 days tomorrow – time for some chocolate cake!

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