What’s left to say?

The past few weeks I have been struggling with just wanting to ‘be like everyone else’. I have felt completely done with, what is in my mind, trying to save the world and all I want to do is focus my energy and efforts on my husband and raising my family.

I have felt like I don’t have anything else to say to the Type 1 Diabetes community and I have been wondering, if I have said all I need to say?

We are almost 2 years down this road and I can understand why people feel like they need to just get on with it. Establishing the T1D Hub, being a Volunteer Consumer Advisor, establishing a clinic peer support group as well as being on quite a few social media groups has left me feeling so saturated with T1D that all I want to do is look away.

When I started this journey, I was told that people come and go in this space and at the time, I remember feeling offended. They did not know me, my family or our journey or what my intentions were. Now however, I understand what was meant by that.

For me, going a million miles per hour in one direction which was enabling peer support and providing peer education, has left me feeling drained with no gas left in the tank.

I was talking to a lovely friend of mine who husband lives with Type 1 about how I might have run out of things to say to the T1D community and in her wisdom, she told me that ‘maybe you just don’t have anything to say right now’. She was right.

There will be times when all I feel like talking about is T1D, our story, our journey and where we would like to be. Then, there are times when I will just need quiet. The constant noise of managing my daughters Type 1 can be overwhelming – like a freight train. It needs to be okay if at times, we want to dip out and have some quiet time. For me, this is the best way to keep myself healthy and ultimately, the best way to ensure balance.

So I do have something else to say. If you are also feeling like there is too much Type 1 noise, take a moment and step back.  Quiet time doesn’t mean you will never talk about your story again, it just allows some ‘you time’ to recharge and refocus to be able to come back, better than ever.




1 thought on “What’s left to say?

  1. Hi there, I’m a type 1 Diabetic on a pump and I get so over it…… I just tell myself at least I’m not suffering with Cancer, it’s manageable, think yourself lucky. Taking time out and quiet times sound good. U need to look after NO 1. Maybe a long Sauna or a massage. U sound like an incredible person. Good luck 🥰🥰🥰

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