Balancing Act

Being a parent to a teen with Type 1 Diabetes is really difficult sometimes.

It’s the not knowing whether the emotions are because of what is happening at school or if it is because she carries a lot on her shoulders. It’s almost as though she has had to ‘grow up’ way before she really needed to and now, she is paying the price for that.

I look at the numbers and try to establish whether cognitively, she should be emotional.  It’s like a flow chart. What are her numbers? Are they high? Are they low? Yes? No? Is she sick? Yes? No? Has she exercised? Yes? No? What has she eaten? Is she nervous? These numbers determine my next thoughts and ultimately, the next steps.

Having to live with a chronic condition must be hard on our little people. As parents, we have the ability and hindsight to understand repercussions of decisions. Unfortunately, our children don’t have that experience on their side and that can be tough. They rely on us to help them navigate their T1D.

I know that as a parent, I need to let my children fall however when one of my daughters has Type 1, how much do I let her fall? I am a strong believer that making mistakes is the best way to learn, however when you are juggling mistakes that can be catastrophic against learning a lesson, where is the balance? This is the tightrope that I, and I am sure many others walk most days.

I have been reminding myself lately, to take a day as a day. Not think too far into the future and enjoy the ‘calm moments’.  I can’t change what is going to happen tomorrow or next week but I can decide to make the best decisions with the information I have now. For me, at this moment, this my best way forward.






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