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Life is a funny thing. Just when you feel like you are ‘nailing it’, things change and life moves in a different direction.

Lately, I have been feeling disillusioned with Type 1 Diabetes. Not with the condition itself, but with the Type 1 Diabetes space. I started out this journey with a clear path and direction and then I went completely off course and wasn’t feeling the same energy or passion for what I set out to do.

My husband who is ever so patient and wise, listened to my concerns and gave me the analogy of life being like a plane in transit to its destination. It never follows a straight flight path. Sometimes it deviates and goes slightly off course but in the end, the plane is always moving forward, heading to where it is meant to be. I guess we could use this same analogy when talking about daily Type 1 management.

I began the T1D Hub with a sole purpose and that is to share knowledge and information relating to Type 1 Diabetes with the intent of educating and empowering those living with T1D to manage the condition effectively. That is quite a mouthful!

I truly believe that this is the missing link  Рconnecting T1D Consumers to information.

If we are able to provide information to people so they are able to make positive and informed management decisions, in partnership with their health care team of course, then is this not the definition of effective management and what we all hope to accomplish?

This is something I am going to continue to strive for, not only for my daughter but for others living with Type 1.  There may be moments when I deviate off course but I am now very clear on the where my destination lies.





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