Dedicated athletes

Many years ago when I was younger and a little more nimble, I ran a lot. I competed in City to Surf’s, Half Marathons and also dabbled in Trail Running.

Lately, I have been feeling that managing my daughters Type 1 Diabetes involves very similar preparation. Eyes on the prize, considering what is happening for her each day, will she be exercising, what is the best food for her growing body, are there exams and should we give insulin before her nerves cause a spike?

A thought occurred to me this morning that perhaps the best way to manage her condition is by succumbing to the madness. Numbers are and will always be a moving feast. No two days are the same. Just because today ‘went well’ it doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same.

Sometimes I feel like we are constantly thinking and planning ahead to get ready for race day – which is each and every day when living with Type 1. This diagnosis doesn’t allow for cheat days or taking time off to recover. We can’t just take a break or decide we aren’t going to do it anymore. We are like full time, professional athletes dedicated to keeping things in check.

However, it isn’t a medal we are competing for. We are competing for a number. The problem is that sometimes the number is just out of reach, sometimes it is achieved and sometimes it’s higher than you hope.

T1D is hard, it is exhausting and it is relentless. Rules and goalposts change. At times it seems unfair and no one understands the state of play. All of this is true.

What is important to remember however, is to never give up. The numbers will always change but the task of achieving your best, whatever that may be, is never out of reach.

So, I will keep on keeping on. I will lace up the boots and get ready for race day each and every day.

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