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COVID-19. Wow and need I say anything else.

There is so much information whether it be on social media, television, radio and internet sites about how this virus can affect not only every person on the planet but importantly for me, how it can affect my daughter living with Type 1 Diabetes.

My response to this? I did my research. I have read a lot about what the experts are saying about COVID-19 and T1D and my husband and I have a plan should this happen. We all need to be making decisions and plans around what is best for our families.

For example, if you are choosing to keep your children away from schools, good for you. If you have decided to work from home and have been given the option, good for you. If you are walking around the block each day, good for you. If you have decided to seek information by whatever method you choose, good for you.

We need to take a moment, take a breath and look at what is in front of us. Really do the research and take on the recommendations.  Is the information accurate and is it reputable? Refer back to your health care team if you are unsure what to do. Yes, they are busy and procedures are changing and ever evolving but your clinical team is there to support you.

Those who live with, care for and support people living with Type 1 Diabetes are extraordinary people – we face and manage so many challenges each day that we need to think of this is another hurdle that we can and will find a way to overcome. Type 1’s are awesome!

Oh, and just another thing before I sign off and resume the journey into my mostly un chartered life (T1D is my only constant at the moment) – can I ask that we please, please, please use the term ‘physical distancing’? The last thing people need at this point is to feel socially isolated.

Take care of yourselves and one another.



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