Silver Linings

Life is a funny thing. When it is chaotic and seemingly out of control, all I can hope for is some calm in the storm. Then for me, when life is quiet and all seems to be going well, I am looking and scratching around for things to do.

I have been reflecting on our lives for the past two and a half years – since October 2017 actually. Hearing of newly diagnosed children and their families takes me right back to when Anna was diagnosed. I remember a time not long after when I was speaking on the phone to my sister and I broke down in tears. My thought and fear was that I couldn’t fail my daughter.

There have been so many moments during the past two years that have been hard for us to endure let alone conquer and overcome – unless you have walked in the shoes of someone living with or caring for Type 1, you cannot possibly understand what is required to get through the days. The strength, the digging deep, the second guessing and the making of mistakes are all needed to be able to move forward. Looking back, it is hard to believe that was us and that two years on, what was said to me 6 months after diagnosis is true. It really does get easier.

With all that is happening with COVID-19 and how our lives have been turned upside down, I am all about silver linings at the moment and I cannot help but feel so strongly that Anna’s diagnosis has been a blessing in disguise for our family. Now before you jump up and down and think how can she say that – let me list a few examples for you;

Family has never meant so much to us
Appreciating the moments, that before would have gone overlooked
Our whole family’s health has improved by changing our habits
Taking the time to enjoy each others company
Knowing that in a moment, everything that you knew, can change
Seeing the wonder in our children – they are so precious and have so much courage
Knowing that everything that you once thought was important, isn’t

I hope you can all search for the silver linings in a Type 1 diagnosis because they are there – sometimes they may not be there right now but they are there – you just need to take a moment to look.







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