Note to self

I was having a great day today – woke at 6.30am, enjoyed a peaceful cup of tea, made lunch for my T1D teen to take to school, etc etc. I really relish these simple moments when levels are good, children are happy, dogs aren’t digging holes and my husband has left for work with a smile on his gorgeous face. Today felt like one of those good days.

That was until listened to a podcast on COVID19, diabetes and anxiety. My feelings of joy, happiness and unbridled optimism have now turned to; “I should be worried and why am I not worried?? That is a worry.” This podcast has left me feeling down and feeling incredibly deflated.

I am trying to get my thoughts down but somehow can’t quite convey how this blog has impacted my thought process and the funny thing is that I am reading a book at the moment about how children behave according to the external stimulation they receive. Oh, the irony!

Yes COVID19 exists outside of my house, yes we are being cautious and yes, it is a concern. What I would like to talk about though to balance out these feelings of anxiety are the incredible improvements being made in telehealth advancements, the discovery of never been used functions of a pump (yay!) and our ability to learn new ways of managing Type 1. We are connecting with people that matter, having meaningful discussions about how we can keep each other and our community safe and also what the world will potentially look like once the restrictions are lifted (this is a good one).

Personally, I can’t wait to return to my ‘never the same again but kind of similar’ pre Covid life. I think that for my T1D family, we are trying to keep things in perspective, keep it ‘caring’ and we are also trying to enjoy the time being spent together, even if it is government regulated.

To end I have a note to self; stop listening to podcasts that make me feel bad.






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