Managing T1D with grace and humility

There is a lot happening in the world at the moment. Globally, we have the US Election and COVID19 resurgence in Europe and the UK. Locally, its the border closures and our own economy hoping to withstand the pressure of the pandemic.

In our world, in our house, we have my daughters’ assessment block. I sat and watched her last night. How she manages to focus on study and write her notes while also juggling levels, corrections, fingerpricks and planning for the next day. I think to myself, parents are worried about how their children will go in the exams whereas I am worried about her levels, just being able to do the exam!

We are now just over 3 years diagnosed and I am still in awe of Anna. I think she is incredibly resilient to take on the challenge of a relentless diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and do it with such grace and humility. She rarely complains or makes a big deal of her condition. She just gets on and does what needs to be done – most of the time…. She is 16 after all.

Anna’s school has a special week planned for Senior students coming up and they will be learning to surf for a day. Anna is not even worried about her pump or CGM coming off or how she will manage her levels – she is more scared of getting dumped in the waves. What a woman!

If Type 1 has taught us anything in the past few years, its that life can change in an instant. Do what you love, let go of what you don’t. Celebrate the wins and learn from the losses. Take a day as a day because tomorrow will bring something new. Don’t hold onto grudges or hurt because it doesn’t help. Love each other, hug each other and cherish the ‘normal and sometime boring’ moments because that is what we will remember most.

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