Top of the T1D mountain

I feel as though I have faded into the distance a little since the Covid19 pandemic hit but I have been doing pretty much the same as all of you – lockdowns, distancing, online school, telehealth appointments, checking in with people that matter and also still trying to replicate the intricacies of a pancreas.

In the months that have passed, I have been busy being a mum to two beautiful teenage girls (who at this age, need presence more than presents), a wife, an owner of 2 dogs as well as walking beside a dear friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer in May and is now half way through chemotherapy. So, yes, I have been a little busy and blogging has not been front of mind.

It has certainly been a busy 6 months but I am now ready to get this show on the road again!

From what I have experienced, there is a huge learning curve of about 3 years until you reach the top of the T1D mountain and then things start to smooth out a little. I’m not sure if this is just because we are used to the routine and have now accepted Anna’s diagnosis or if it is because, 3 years is how long it takes to learn most of what you need.

After 1 night in hospital, 1 weeks training after dx, 11 scheduled clinic appointments, 11 HbA1c’s, 2 annual blood tests, dietician and psychologist appointments, 2 pump models, MDI’s, false Hashimoto’s diagnosis, constant carb counting, overseas pump transition, 3 camps (most recent without parents!), incorrect bolusing, accurate bolusing, temp basals, CGM changes, transmitter fails, corrections, lost sleep, tears, high fives, changes to pump settings and last but not least, upcoming transition to young adult care – is there anything we have not done in the past 3 years?

I would say we are pretty geared up in terms of experience and ready to roll!

Sure, we are still waking most nights, alarms still sound and I still place a sticker on Anna’s school lunch with the carb amounts but life is good, and it is true that it becomes your new normal. Our world is perfectly imperfect and it suits me just fine.

I would love to hear thoughts or comments regarding how long you think the timeframe is to ‘Type 1 Gear Up’.


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