Practice makes you.. more experienced

It has been a little while since I shared my inner thoughts about life with Type 1.  To clarify, it is my teenage daughter that was diagnosed with Type 1 but it is still my Type 1 too. In fact, its mine, my husbands and her little sisters Type 1. We all share in this diagnosis – we are her family and we would never let her deal with this alone. We love her to bits!

I have been spending the past few months thinking about how the diagnosis has affected our family and now that we have found our groove with management, our ‘new normal’ really has become our normal. To me this is weird because it isn’t the diagnosis or the management that has changed – we have changed.

We are used to the up at night, just falling asleep then awake routine, the alarms have become a regular occurrence and we no longer freak out at a number below 4. Anything above 14 however still causes me a lot of stress but we don’t argue over food preparation anymore (well mostly) and Anna has learnt some independence and manages a lot of what she needs to without supervision.

I think I put our adaptation down to time and practice. We are used to managing lows and highs because we have done it before. We know what types of food does what to Anna so we can account for that.  Exercise is still a tricky one but the more we are put in that situation, the more we will learn. Definitely a work in progress.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we will only get better at managing Type 1 when we are put in situations that teach us. Some of these situations will be positive, some will not. Some of your questions may be answered, some may not. Don’t shy away from things because of the diagnosis. Work with it. Learn from others around you and talk to your health care team. If they aren’t helpful, find another team. We create our own reality so let’s embrace the awesomeness of Type 1 (yes, there are silver linings of T1D and I will write about these soon) and let’s get learning on how to be the best T1D manager we can be.

I guarantee, we will thank ourselves later for it.




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