Christmas Eve thoughts

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, humans have an innate ability to deal with trauma. We will all react differently but at the end of the day, our brain has the ability to relearn and to adjust. This is what I have learnt over the past 2 years.

Reflecting on 2019 and the upcoming year ahead, I think about the road so far. How much we have had to overcome, learn and explain. Looking to the future, I think of how much we will have to overcome, learn and explain. You see, the Type 1 journey for me will be much the same regardless of the time and date. My husband and I are playing the long game where the ultimate goal is for our daughter to live a life where her Type 1 Diabetes does not prevent her from doing anything. Ever.

Anna’s diagnosis has done many things for our family – some good, some not so good and some abit ‘meh’. Today though, with it being Christmas Eve and me being in state of pondering thought, I have finally figured out why I am at peace with Type 1. It is because Anna’s Type 1 diagnosis in some very strange way, has been a gift for our family.

It is weird to say this – believe me, I get it. But our post diagnosis family is not the same as our pre diagnosis family. We really see each other now. We hear each other and we enjoy spending time together. Post diagnosis, I tuck my girls into bed every night and I like to hear their stories – yes, they are 15 and 12 but I want to enjoy them while I can because time goes quickly.  I cuddle my girls every chance I get and I appreciate my husband so much more. We have come together during this crisis and we are stronger for it.

Having experienced a traumatic event that affects one of my children has changed me. I still look like the same person from the outside but my perspective on life is very different and I am clearer on what really matters. Type 1 Diabetes has changed my outlook on life and for the better. I now realise how precious my family is and I intend to see, hear, love, listen and cuddle them every single day.

Merry Christmas Type 1 and in some very weird way, thank you.




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