Saying it out loud

I am someone that rarely gets sick. Basically, I don’t have time to be unwell or have a cold but a few weeks ago I caught a nasty virus that wiped me out. Three weeks on and I am starting to feel better but I can’t seem to shake the feeling of being tired.

I am usually a happy, energetic, positive person however lately this hasn’t been the case. I like to analyse situations (some would say too much) and so in my self analysis of why I’m not feeling great and obviously taking the virus out of the equation, I think that I have come to the realisation that I am exhausted because we are just over two years managing my daughters Type 1. I tried to put my tiredness down to end of year exhaustion but if I am being honest, I think Type 1 Diabetes has ‘cooked my goose’ this year.

For me, the increased brain activity over the last 26 months, trying to juggle family life, teenagers, two dogs, the T1D Hub and staying one step ahead of Type 1 has finally taken its toll.

I feel tired. It feels weird to say that because this is not something I would normally say out loud. I usually keep these thoughts to myself.  I get up, I kick on and do everything that needs to be done – not once considering this may not be the best way. I think it’s important to acknowledge the toll that Type 1 Diabetes can have on a person both mentally and physically – it is important to acknowledge this because then, something can be done. Identifying how you may be able to step back or tap out of certain things is a great way to try and claim some time back.

Suggestions? You bet! Not saying yes to all invitations – people will understand. Not putting your hand up to help all the time – again, people will understand. Changing the bedtime routine is a big one – enjoying a book for those few minutes before closing your eyes allows your brain to shift to a slower gear. If you don’t manage to get everything done that you wanted in a day, that is okay, there is always tomorrow. Type 1 will be there today, tomorrow and the next day but if we don’t take care of ourselves then how can we possibly make the best decisions on management?

So, from someone who normally doesn’t know how to slow down and who is always so busy being busy, my advice these holidays is to tap out, slow down, cancel what isn’t important, have a pyjama day (very important) and enjoy the now.


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